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Mars for freelancers

Use the Mars platform to build robust web and mobile apps for your clients. Get hired by other Mars users and make money.

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Make a clone of Airbnb, Uber, Instagram, and hundreds of other apps with a single click.

No-code + high-code

Use Mars as a no-code tool to build simple apps. Switch to code to get more power 💪

Earn on Mars

Become a Mars developer and make money by helping other Mars users.

No operation challenges

Security, hosting, support, and app maintenance - Mars takes care of as much or as little as you decide.

Lower your costs

Use thousands of micro-apps to build a project in no time. Combine existing ones or create your own to do it even faster.

No trust issues

Mars is trusted by the best accelerators and incubators globally: Techstars,, StartOut, and many more.

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MarsX for Freelancers: Building Robust Web and Mobile Apps for Clients and Generating Income

The MarsX platform offers an exciting new avenue for freelancers to generate income and build powerful web and mobile apps for their clients. By creating and selling micro apps, getting hired by other MarsX users, and potentially becoming a MarsX ambassador, you can tap into a new source of income and expand your business horizons. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the MarsX community and take your freelance career to the next level.

Creating Micro Apps and Selling Them:

  1. Learn the MarsX platform: Start by getting familiar with the MarsX platform and its low-code IDE. This environment allows developers to quickly build web and mobile apps using pre-built micro apps (small, medium, or large) that can be easily integrated into any project. With Mars, you can combine the ease of use of a low-code interface with the power of a pro-code environment to create custom solutions for your clients.
  2. Develop your own micro apps: As a freelancer, you can create your own micro apps that cater to the needs of your clients or address common market demands. This can range from small components like buttons and dropdowns to larger micro apps like an Airbnb clone or an e-commerce marketplace.
  3. Monetize your micro apps: Once you've built your micro apps, you can sell them on the MarsX marketplace. Clients may pay up to $20,000 for a lifetime license, or opt for a monthly subscription ranging from $100 to $900. This offers you an excellent opportunity to diversify your income stream by moving from a purely service-based business to a product-based one.

Getting Hired by Other MarsX Users:

  1. Join the MarsX marketplace: To showcase your skills and make yourself available for hire, join the MarsX marketplace as a vendor. As a certified partner, you'll have the chance to work with startups and other clients who are looking for MarsX developers.
  2. Complete the onboarding process: Before you can start taking on projects, you'll need to onboard your developers and validate their skills. This process typically takes one to three weeks and involves building an internal project or a small micro app.
  3. Once you've demonstrated your skills, you can start taking on projects posted on the MarsX marketplace. As you successfully complete projects and build a strong reputation, you'll be well-positioned to receive more projects and increase your income.

Becoming a MarsX Ambassador:

Another way to leverage the MarsX platform is to become a MarsX ambassador. As an ambassador, you can promote the platform to your network, provide support to other developers, and receive exclusive benefits and opportunities from the MarsX team.

We are expanding day by day and have a waiting list of thousands of startups seeking services and wanting to build their projects on Mars. Our next step is to introduce you to our marketplace, where we connect these startups with the resources they need to build their products. As an outsourcing firm, agency, or freelancer, you can join our waitlist on and be one of the first users of MarsX's marketplace.