About UsMars is a philosophy

    Our backbone is 10x radical efficiency. Our air is complete creative freedom. We are building a software development platform to prove it.

    A few numbers 

    • 223 realized at the speed of light projects for Mars clients
    • All projects cumulatively attract traffic of 100 Million views/month
    • $50 000 000 in sales of our customers
    • 2000 microapps and daily growing
    • 479 waitlist sign ups expectation Mars V4

    Our Team

    Mars team boasts a great selection of talents from entrepreneurial, product, educational, corporate and mentoring/coaching worlds. We are a US first company with remote team members all over the world.

    Join our revolution and help us create more startups and great products! 

    Job Openings

    1. Design
    2. Development (JS)
    3. CFO
    4. COO
    5. Sales and Marketing


    • Founder and CEO: John Rush, john@marsx.dev
    • Chief Growth Officer: Sasha Garcia, sasha@marsx.dev