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    Get various discounts, free credits, grants, and other perks from Mars ecosystem for your founders.

    Best accelerators

    have partnered with us to provide more value for their portfolio startups

    Startup Perks

    Can be redeemed immediately to be valid for 12 months with the possibility to extend for another 12 months upon completion.

    Free usage of Mars Platform

    12 months of free usage of the Mars platform

    Free hosting

    Free hosting for projects at dev and MVP stage

    $30k credits for Micro-App Store

    Purchase Micro-Apps for up to $30k with credits. Includes support, and maintenance

    $3000 credits for dev market

    Credits for hiring freelancers, developers, and agencies from the Mars marketplace

    Free access to courses

    Access Mars courses and study at Mars academy. Consult with experts and mentors.

    MVP mentoring

    Exсlusive mentoring from the Mars core team


    for startups

    Less than 5 years old

    Less than $5M in funding

    ARR Less than $1M

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