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MarsX: Changing the game of software development

Micro AppStore

Developers from all over the earth have spent years building Micro-Apps so you can reuse them in seconds!

NFT marketplace

NFT marketplace where artists can post their NFTs and collector can buy them. Supports: auctions, spot price, chat, multiple cryptocurrencies, buying with fiat.

Uber for X

A gig economy. Uber for babysitters. Uber for teachers. Uber for anything.

Supports: web, mobile app, chat, payment, and many more.

Social network

A social network for specific segments. E.g. a social network for book lovers. It is also possible to mix with other micro-apps and add e-commerce, for example.

No-Code builder

You can build a No-Code builder for things like websites, email templates, food recipes, house design, image or video builders, and more.

Collections of items

Present a collection of items in various layouts. Enable freemium, so that some items can be seen for free and some need payment.

Peer-to-peer marketplace

Connect buyers and vendors on a marketplace. For example, Clients and Designers; Students and Teachers; Car owners and Car services.

Video streaming

A Netflix-like video streaming portal. Could be used for niche streaming services, subscription-based educational video libraries, etc.

Photo sharing app

An Instagram-like photo-sharing web and mobile application. Could be relevant for startups and projects centered around photo sharing.


More micro-apps for various purposes. Micro-apps may solve a large problem and cover your entire project or you can combine multiple small micro-apps into one large.


Showcases (300+)

These startups have saved millions of dollars and thousands of hours


Helps entrepreneurs and investors get an overview of a captable, enabling effective management on an easy-to-use and connected platform

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NFT ART Finance

Join the New Era of Music & Art. Unique NFT platform empowers creators with accessible & safe tools. Turn your music, art and ideas into NFTs!

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Bergen Kino

Second largest cinema in Norway (web, mobile apps, admin, dashboard). The platform is built and operated by Filmgrail on top of Mars.

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A Marketplace that connects customers with service providers

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An e-commerce platform for bakeries

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A where-to-watch service that is run by the Danish government

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Streaming classic cult, exploitation, grindhouse and genre films that other sites are afraid to show you

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Bergen International Film Festival (BIFF) is the largest film festival in Norway

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Capa Conference Booking

Cinema advertising to approximately 45 cinemas that deliver 5+ million visitors each year

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Wallis Cinemas

Wallis Cinemas is a South Australian company that operates cinema complexes, cinemas and drive-ins in the city

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Trondheim & Kimen Kino

Norway's easiest ticket purchases. Clean and engaging cinema program. Native Mobile apps on IOS and Android.

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Since the computer's algorithm is creating this NFT collection. The reveal will be as exciting for us, as it is for you!

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Tons of Rock

Already at this year's festival, everyone who owns Tons of Rock NFT and is attending the festival will qualify for one of the bonuses.

Go to website is where art meets collectibles, PFPs, audio NFTs, and game assets. Uniting the world of NFTs on a platform.

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Kingdoms of Ether (web3)

An open-sourced brand and a digital identity project. The core mission is to create incentives for co-creation.

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Get started

Simply reuse the work of excellent expert teams which put thousands of hours into it. Every developer behind a Micro-App virtually extends your core team at no cost.

The wall of ❤️

Don’t just set out to do a good job. Set out to do such a good job that the living, the dead, or the unborn couldn’t do it any better.

According to our estimations, using Mars saved us 5,760 hours yearly for our designers and engineers. That’s worth 144,000 USD per year.
We've built entire project just in few month and 10k budget with a help of developers from Mars Network. Very quickly after the launch we've got our first customers and since then the revenue was only growing!
Mars increased the dev speed perhaps by 1000%, it handled very well the high load and large number of users and transactions on our platform. The NoCode part has been very usefull for the admins, who could change a lot of the settings and content on their own not to bother developers with it.
Out platform could not have seen the light of day without Filmgrail's top notch streaming technology powered by Mars, which fits out business needs perfectly.

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