Mars is a universe.Our goal is to make software development faster, easier, more accessible.

    We do so by creating an army of Martians - digital artisans of the future.

    Mars University history

    Over the past few years we’ve graduated 84 Martians who now are full time employed as Mars developers only. We’ve created a few amazing training hacks that allow for a smooth and practice packed curriculum.

    Mars CEO - John Rush and CTO - Marat Khabibulin have crafted the educational system that enables speedy transition to Mars full stack developer from any point you’re starting.

    Our process has proven efficient and now the time has come to scale.

    Mars University batch Summer 2022

    Our biggest batch yet. 

    Save the date: 4th of July 

    The pillars of the Mars University

    The US philosophy, as well as Mars, are both DNA bound to ambition and freedom. On the birth date of the great country we’ll launch our biggest batch of Martians yet. (238 in waitlist) 

    Our University curriculum is based on the pillars of best practices we derived from two worlds: real life software development and traditional education. This allowed us to build a profound yet easy to grasp and immersive practical Mars experience.

    Mars University Alumni

    The best Mars University Alumni have a chance to become featured in our Mars_Market and thus get a great exposure to the prospective clients. 

    You will have to match Mars University standards and agree with our code of conduct in order to be allowed into the selection process for the July 4th batch of Mars University. 

    We take pride in the results of the educational system of Mars University and choose to expel students whose results, thrive and willingness to improve fail to meet our requirements. 

    Mars University Franchise for Agencies

    Are you looking to create an unfair advantage for your agency and grow with Mars? 

    As a platform - we’re happy to come in and build an educational system inside your business so that you could switch your existing bench and new developers into Martians. 

    How to set up a franchise

    Our process is easy yet complex enough to ensure quality of the education at every step:


    Set up a franchise of Mars University


    Get a dedicated Dean from our team


    Receive study materials and test sets


    Quality check ins from the Dean each step of the way

    Reach out to our Dean

    Vika - who’ll explain how you can get the best out of our educational process as a franchisee.

    Become a Mars University Professor (PhD in Mars)

    If you are an educator or a developer seeking to fulfill the need of giving back - reach out to us. We’re selecting the best developer-teachers to spread the force of Mars across the globe.

    How to become a Mars Professor

    We have designed a special practical course for those seeking to master Mars at an ultra professional level that enables teaching Martians on Junior, Bachelor and Master level. 

    To become a PhD with Mars University you will have to go through a thorough selection, testing and interview process. This will allow you to join the PhD program as well as to join the community of our world class PhD candidates. 

    Upon the successful accomplishment of the curriculum, you will be transferred into the certification process which if not failed grants you the PhD in Mars and the right to educate new Martians into the world as you please. 

    Call to PHDs

    We will invite the most prominent of our PhDs to join Mars University as tenured Professors. 

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